Socially responsible business (CSR)

As one of the longest operating companies in the region, BOTRANS is aware of its responsibility in supporting social initiatives in the heart of Kashubia.

From the beginning of its activity, BOTRANS actively supports activities aimed at supporting those in need. As part of the assistance, we have participated in charitable activities for the benefit of the local community many times. In addition to the company’s financial support, our employees are also actively involved in as part of volunteering.

As sport plays an important role in the life of the Board and employees, BOTRANS also sponsors two sports teams from the region. The first of them is the team of UKS PCM Kościerzyna handball players at PGNiG SUPERLIG KOBIET. The second club we help is a youth swimming team in the UKS MANTA Kościerzyna flippers.

PCM UKS Unibud – we sponsor the handball club

UKS Manta – we support a youth swimming club

"Happiness is the only thing that multiplies if it divides"
(Albert Schweitzer).