International transport

To meet the requirements of our customers and the ever-changing international market, Botrans constantly invests in the development of the vehicle fleet. We carry out international transport based on the most modern fleet of our own vehicles as well as vehicles of our subcontractors. The entire fleet meets the highest technical and ecological requirements.

To our customers we offer a wide range of semi-trailers and trailers adapted to carry any type of product: from ordinary board to dangerous goods.

We specialize in the transport of 120m3 bulk cargoes.

All vehicles are equipped with the GPS satellite navigation system (ATRAX) which gives the possibility of comprehensive control and tracking of the order and ensures high security of the services provided.

Botrans vehicles can be found on the roads of all Europe. Modern fleet ensures professional and timely delivery of all transport orders.

Our fleet is served by experienced, well-trained and reliable drivers. That guarantees a high quality of customer service.

We carry out transport on the basis of the International Carriage of Goods (CMR) Convention and are secured by the Carrier's Civil Responsibility Insurance (OCP).

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