Our passions

We know that work is not everything. After an exhausting day, each of us enjoys resting, and the best way to is to be active. That is why we appreciate and support the passions of our employees.

Sport is an important element of the BOTRANS family life. It allows you to shape character, self-discipline and perseverance in pursuing a goal, qualities necessary in everyday private and professional life. Competition is a daily bread in the work of our forwarders, but it is also carried out during cycling competitions, in which our team MTB BOTRANS participates with successes. But cycling is not everything. Cross-country racing, paragliding, beekeeping or confectionery are just some of the passions that our employees are passionate about. What turns you on?

"It's good to find a hobby that draws you so much and makes you happy to wait for the next week, instead of gloomily counting the days."
Cecelia Ahern

Runmaggedon 2018
Date of addition: 29/11/2018
Spływ kajakowy 2018
Date of addition: 17/11/2018
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Date of addition: 11/11/2016